3/4″  Washed & Crushed Gravel: Used in the production of Concrete Redi-mix, Asphalt and “QP” or “Quarry Process,” as well as back fill for Trench and Foundation.


3/8″ Washed & Crushed Gravel: A more decorative gravel that can be used as a driveway material as well as in the production of Asphalt, Blocks, Sakcrete Bagged Mortar Mix and Quik-crete Bagged Mortar Mix.


1 1/2″ Washed and Crushed Gravel: Used in tracking pad, in the topping of septic systems as well as in large aggregate fill.


1/4″ Washed and Crushed Gravel: Similar to the “snow and ice control” products. Can also be used in filter or drainage systems.


1″ X 4″ Crusher Run: Larger crushed gravel used as tracking pad to fill very wet areas.


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