1. What is the difference between Concrete Sand and Mason Sand?

Concrete Sand is much more coarse whereas Mason Sand is a very fine material. Concrete Sand is used for a variety of different projects, but Mason Sand is the perfect material for underneath your swimming pool. It is fine enough not to rip the lining and easy to level out!

2. What is your service area?

The greater New Jersey area. Most commonly the Tri-County area (Sussex, Warren and Morris County). However, we are happy to serve any surrounding areas as well as P.A and N.Y. if requested!

3. Can I purchase bags of material?

No, we sell everything we have in bulk!

4. What is the average coverage per ton?

Sand and Gravel: Yard x 1.5 = ton

Topsoil: Yard x 1.3 = ton

5. Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. (A service fee is added).

6. How much material will my truck hold? 

The average pick-up truck holds between 1/2 a ton and 1 full ton depending on the size of the truck and the durability!

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